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About Us

Who We Are
The VSC is a not-for-profit 501(c)(4) Colorado corporation.
What We Do
The mission of the VSC is to preserve the rich social history and culture of the Victorian era (the period of 1837-1901) through public events, education, and demonstrations.
The  group conducts events through the year including teas, socials, dances,  lawn parties, and a grand ball in the fall. Watch the CALENDAR page on  this web site to see what's happening when. Other events are scheduled  at the whim of the membership. Dances are authentic from the period of  the reign of Queen Victoria, simple to learn, and are taught at each  event. Dances include reels, quadrilles, set waltzes, polkas, and of  course the elegant free waltz -- all guaranteed to make you smile. Everyone is welcome to join in on the fun whether singles or couples -- partners are not required. Monthly dance lessons are open to members and non-members.

You Can Do It Too!
If  you are concerned that you may have two left feet and the dances might  be too difficult, let us assure you that the dances are not at all  complicated.  If you can walk, you can do these dances.  The trickiest  part of Victorian dancing is that you must know your left foot from your  right.  Most people get into the swing of the dance from the very first  dance.
The group is available for demonstrations  and exhibitions. We will come to your location and perform dances in  period wardrobe to live or recorded music.
Privacy Policy
Your privacy  as  a member of VSC is important to us.  We promise not to share your  personal information, including your email address, with anybody outside  of VSC.  Email addresses on the VSC-Announce group do not appear  on broadcast emails for others to see.  VSC does reserve the right to  publish photos taken at our events without written consent of those  people appearing in the photos.  See our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer  for details.
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